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BIM Modeling

Benefits of BIM Modeling:


The benefits of BIM Modeling include:

  • Accurate estimation of expenses throughout every phase of construction

  • Identification of key variables to adjust the model

  • Integration of project controls, design, accounting, construction, scheduling, and estimation


BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. The technology allows construction project management teams to conceptualize the progress and expense of all construction activities for a given period. BIM modeling services are so useful that they can revolutionize construction project management regardless of the complexity, location, and size of the project.



How can BIM Modeling add value to construction project management?


BIM Modeling Services use the software technology to create pictures and words for public presentation or speech. There are mainly two categories of the presentation software. One is for business presentation while the other one is for general multimedia purposes. Both provide ease to construction project management. The software is quick to learn and user-friendly.

The BIM Modeling Services in New York use the presentation software to create sophisticated presentations that have a series of video and audio files. The project team members use business presentation software because it allows them to include video and audio files created with other tools.


BIM Modeling Services use the technology to create a virtual model of the construction project. The model contains a physical representation of different objects as solids or surfaces. The most popular types of 3D models are:

  • Construction Models

  • Design Models

  • Existing Conditions Models


Construction Model


A Construction Model contains the site features and construction equipment such as utility excavators, detours, false work and temporary signals.

Progrex PMC BIM Modeling Services in New York use visual animation very often. It provides a virtual model with display and movement. It also contains photo simulations for accurate depiction of construction build-out.


How our team can assist you?


We provide BIM Modeling Services that include:


  • Setup, review, and implementation of CDE (Common Date Environment)

  • Independent client advice

  • Gap analysis report for focusing on tools, systems, and processes

  • Company BIM documents and feedback

  • Report, review, and audit of the model

  • Technical advice for systems and software

  • Conversion of 2D info into a 3D model

  • In-house BIM consultation from experts


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