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CPM Scheduling

Benefits of CPM Scheduling:


In construction project management, CPM Scheduling has many benefits such as:

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Progress monitoring

  • Quick and accurate understanding of the delays

Our construction schedulers are experienced in construction scheduling using the Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project, which represent the main and vital software in the market to ensure the service provided is in line with what industry needs.

How can CPM Scheduling add value to the construction project management?


Delays represent a seriou constraint  to construction projects. CPM Scheduling allows us to understand the scope and full impact of delays in time. Our construction schedulers develop reliable CPM schedules for a wide array of projects. Construction scheduling is the key to solving various challenges that occur throughout the process of construction. The scheduling software tools reduce construction delays and stimulate successful completion of projects.


The most telling challenge in construction project management is meeting deadlines with limited time and budget. A reliable schedule guides the entire construction process from beginning to end. CPM Scheduling involves critical milestone reports, which are provided to the client periodically during the lifetime of a construction project. Expert construction scheduling guarantees results will be delivered in a timely fashion without compromising integrity and professionalism

How our team can assist you?


Our team consists of certified CPM Scheduling Consultants who are specialists in heavy civil and infrastructure projects, with the pertinent and vital certifications. We are committed to provide our clients with high-quality and reliable schedules.

Our construction scheduler does not compromise on quality. We use the latest techniques of CPM scheduling to maintain highest standard and deliver projects within budget and time. We will enable you to control each & every aspect of the project. We will help you to achieve maximum efficiency and long-term success.

We provide services that include:

  • CPM Scheduling and phasing planning

  • Programmed planning and portfolio planning

  • Leveling and Resource Loading

  • Cash Flow Projection and Cost Loading

  • Reports and schedule updates

  • Revised Schedule and Recovery

  • Review and validate existing schedule

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