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Weather Conditions Forecast and CPM Scheduling

A planning strategy for adverse weather conditions.

When the CPM Schedule is on track and running smoothly, the construction scheduler must compile the risks that can be associated with adverse weather conditions, so as to make sure that the project will be moving smoothly and according to schedule.

A certain project can be halted due to bad weather conditions in a construction schedule like high or low temperatures, precipitation, wind or extreme humidity. Additionally, strong wind gusts and precipitation can affect crane restrictions and concrete pouring respectively. The downtime for craft workers and laborers can be substantial, while some work zones could become inaccessible.

In such weather-related risks, crew safety is a top priority. It falls on the Project Manager and the construction scheduling team to monitor the construction schedule simultaneously with safety risks. A proper construction schedule and a proper Risk Management assessment could go a long way in preventing safety hazards, injury claims and delays in a construction project.

Proactive and Protective Measures

Modern technology, through project management software's like Primavera and Microsoft Project can be utilized to acquire the pertinent data for inclement weather conditions. Many companies have done well to invest in genuine weather forecasting services. Nowadays, weather-related delays are avoidable, so long as it’s properly captured in the schedule.

From a health and safety perspective, certain measures can be taken in preparation for inclement weather. Polythene sheets can be placed over material stockpiles before to prevent water damage. Equipment can also be properly stored to avoid unnecessary damage. A proper construction schedule will implement those vital key points.

It is vital to check federal weather restrictions continuously from authorized governmental website. Depending on the construction site, several companies have adopted temporary drainage designs to keep the job site free of flooding hazards. This becomes paramount for large civil projects where expansive excavations can be vulnerable to flash floods and continuous precipitation.

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