CPM Scheduling


With a reliable schedule, you can control every aspect of your project to ensure that maximum efficiency leads to a long-term success. 


We offer a full range of construction planning services for all types of construction projects.

Our construction schedulers capability covers the complete project cycle from concept and feeds through to the final design and project delivery. Our construction schedulers have a wide array of unique experiences and backgrounds across a variety of sectors and disciplines. 

BIM Modeling


Our BIM Consultants offer a wide range of BIM Modeling Services to provide a comprehensive model of a project.



The BIM Modeling System we utilize provides an accurate estimate of expenses incurred throughout each phase of the project, allowing the contractor and the owner to identify the variables and adjust accordingly. In 3D BIM Modeling Technology, our BIM Consultants will integrate all aspects of the project, including: design, controls, estimating, scheduling, and accounting.

Claim Consulting

Our certified consultants will analyze your project's potential constraints and compile the proper construction claims, if needed.



These issues include, but not limited to:

  • Errors and Omissions

  • General Delays

  • Delays for reasons beyond control

  • Owner-Caused Delays

  • Interpersonal Team Conflicts

  • Critical or non-critical delays and float

  • Compensable and non-compensable delays

  • Concurrent delays

Cost Management

Cost Management is applied to observe and forecast the possible cost incurred for a certain construction project via a systematic calculation approach.

​​This is a significant technique and is considered as a vital part of the cost planning process that is controlling the project cost at. Cost Management is an Essential Task, as it helps the project manager to control project expenses accurately and take on the necessary actions to deliver the project within budget. 

Risk Management


Effective risk management in your construction project will minimize their threats and maximize their Opportunity.

​​As a Construction Contractor, you need to take risks to grow and advance. From Building to infrastructure, Transportation, hospitals to Energy effectively managed risks help Contractors Obtaining Market Edge. In construction Business, the risks we have to manage to evolve swiftly. 


At Progrex PMC, we believe that sharing knowledge is vital to a thriving industry. If your project team requires insight and guidance on Project Management.

We can provide your team with basic, intermediate or advanced courses for MS Project and Primavera.

Additionally, we will provide a customizable agenda and syllabus that can be adjusted to the desired time frame accordingly.


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